How to clean your furniture to make it last.

Having a new furniture at home is exciting. That moment when you have the great time planning on redecorating on decorating a place at home, then going to the store or browsing into the online store to look for the perfect match to that spot you are missing something. And finally creating a unique space between your design spot at home and the new furniture you just got. But it does not end at this point you must need to take care of it and clean it.

Here we have some suggestions for you to take care of your new toy. 

  1. Vacuum gently your furniture and if it is possible make sure the nozzle which is used to vacuum the sofa is a gentle soft brush. 
  2. Try not to leave the sofa under a sunlight spot to avoid color damage. 
  3. Make chemicals stay away from the furniture, the ingredients of this substances are frequently known to be a danger to fabrics. 
  4. Sometimes it could be really comfy to do some activities while relaxing in a sofa but some of them are not quite the best for your item. Like removing nail polish try to avoid this, as tempting as it sounds. 
  5. Avoid places at home with humidity. 
  6. Another good idea is to keep your sofa safe try to get a fabric protector. 
  7. Accidents happen, but if your cover is removable try to avoid cleaning it in the washing machine, instead just take a clean towel or cloth and remove what was spilled.
  8. And least but not last dry clean your furniture, always.