How to choose the best fabric for your Beanbag

This is a very personal question each of our products are created to satisfy products for little people to the grown ups, adults (no more than 45 please). 

But we want you to have as much information as possible for your new beanbag. 

Our soft foam filling is really soft and makes the beanbag comfy and cozy for your time to relax and chill. 

Our top 10 covers are Velvet, Suede, Denim and Nylon. 

So Velvet is a fabric which gives elegance to the spot where the beanbag is going to be placed, it is a soft, cozy fabric that you will feel as cozy as a hug. 

The Suede is genuinely elegant but also has a touch of youth and fun in the texture it may seen very good in a room full of springtide. 

The Denim is 100% for those who love a more adventure design and a very extreme life full of challenges and quests. 

And Nylon is the best friend fabric for those you who love adventures and does not like to clean the mess in a hard way, nylon is perfect for children and outdoors, 

Any kind of our fabrics is great just a little information of each fabric for you to decide which one is the best for you.